Sponsorship Package #1

Interior of the Year Awards Presentation and Reception

Eight winners will be chosen by two separate audiences from a list of 30 nominees. Both "Media Choice" and "People's Choice" Awards will be presented in four categories: Popular Car, Popular Truck, Premium Car and Premium Truck.

The 2006 Interior of the Year award sponsor has the first right of refusal for 2007 awards presentation and reception.

Sponsorship Package #2

Interior Integration Panel Discussion and Networking Session

Panelists from OEMs and major suppliers discuss how much responsibility for interior integration should be ceded to suppliers, as well as strategies for managing that responsibility in the development and production of future products, from design and engineering to parts sourcing.

The 2006 "Panel Discussion" sponsor has the first right of refusal for 2007 sponsorship opportunities.

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

Advertise in the Official Show Directory

The 2006 Auto Interiors Show Directory is the primary information source for industry professionals attending the Show. With detailed exhibitor information, Conference Schedule, general information and an exhibit hall floor plan, the Show Directory is referred to constantly throughout the show and is retained by attendees to be used as a reference long after the show has ended. Badge Insert Sponsorship

A fantastic way to show your support of the event and get added exposure for your company!
• Your company name and logo on a 2-color insert placed in every attendee badge holder
• Ability to print additional message on the remaining front and back of insert (copy subject to conference management approval)
• Sponsor listing in Conference Directory and www.autointeriors.com web site


Create a lasting impression by providing company lanyards for attendees. To avoid pinning or clipping on their badge, attendees will opt to use your lanyard to secure the conference badge.
• You supply your company lanyard (subject to conference management approval) for distribution to all attendees at the registration and badge pick up locations
• Sponsor listing in the conference directory and www.autointeriors.com web site

Tote Bags

Show your support for this event by providing each attendee with their own Conference Tote Bag.
• Company logo, includes production
• Maximum of two sponsors (one per side)

Ice Cream Break

Show your support of this event by placing your company name in front of every attendee with your logo and greeting on the table.
• A sign with your company name/logo will identify you as the Break Sponsor
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