Gender Diversity & Equity Session

The Power of Parental Leave

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Date: Tuesday, April 4
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Location: HostingCon Global 2017. Lunch will be provided.
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Many tech companies today are talking about parental leave, but what impact does this have on your business? In this session, we will outline the business importance of parental leave, sharing GoDaddy’s case study of going from offering just the basics for new moms to offering a highly competitive parental leave that allows all new parents to welcome their new baby. Katee and Rob will share how GoDaddy got here, the benchmarking we did (and continue to do) to stay competitive, and the extras that make this special time for our employees easier. We’ll share the Power of Parental Leave and how it has impacted our employees in a positive way.


Katee Van Horn is the VP of Global Engagement & Inclusion for GoDaddy, driving the business imperative that more diverse teams build better products. She has the innate ability to quickly assess the organization, leadership, and individual development needs and create appropriate and operative solutions.

She is a reputable leader known for building and sustaining trusting, collaborative relationships and alliances to achieve business goals. Her focus is on outreach to diverse and underrepresented communities and building an inclusive culture for GoDaddy.


Rob Wisniewski is the Director of Benefits at GoDaddy. He is responsible for creating world-class benefit programs for GoDaddy employees and their loved ones as part of a highly attractive Total Rewards strategy. He is building a strategy for the unique culture at GoDaddy after serving employees in health care and manufacturing settings, as well as managing operations for a third party administrator.

Rob takes a holistic view to employer-sponsored benefits and seeks to offer benefits that truly improve the well-being of employees. Rob holds the Certified Employee Benefits Specialist designation and is pursuing the Certificate in Global Benefits Management designation.

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