Responding to the Modern Day DDoS Attack

  • Wednesday, 04/05/2017: 2:15 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Room: Exhibit Hall Education Room
  • Session Number:  EHS2


The toolkits attackers are using to take create massive IoT botnets, or execute low-level targeted application layer DDoS attacks are more accessible than ever before. These attacks are the leading Internet-based threats facing companies and the infrastructure and hosting providers servicing them. This session engages the audience to discuss how to better prepare for the impending increase in sophistication and scale of DDoS attacks.

This session covers:

  • IoT DDoS botnets – reality or fear mongering?
  • Legacy DDoS mitigation techniques – no match for today’s DDoS landscape 
  • Game changing automated DDoS mitigation technology


    Ashley Stephenson